Wai 262 Best Practice Guide – Webinar

The webinar introduces the Wai 262 Best Practice Guide and discusses key content. Panel members include: Aroha Mead, Sheridan Waitai, and Jessica Hutchings

Wai 262 and Opportunities for National Science Challenges – Webinar

This webinar looks at the Challenges and Opportunities for National Science Challenges, and the broader science system in relation to Wai 262. It highlights examples of responsible practice and where we can collectively make improvements. Panel members include: Meika Foster, Pauline Harris, and Melanie Mark-Shadbolt.

History and Impacts of Wai 262 – Webinar

This webinar covers the history and impacts of the Wai 262. Panel members include: Aroha Mead, Sheridan Waitai, and Jessica Hutchings.

A Wai 262 Best Practice Guide for Science Partnerships with Kaitiaki for Research Involving Taonga

This best practice guide on Wai 262 provides a baseline for how scientists and researchers can best work with Māori communities. The Wai 262 claim has far-reaching implications across the RSI system. The claim asks scientists and researchers, both Māori and non-Māori, to: be informed and understand the complexities of the claim itself; to develop respectful relationships with kaitiaki, where kaitiaki leadership of taonga aspects of science projects is upheld; to move aside from leadership roles to ensure co-leadership across all aspects of science projects that do not involve taonga; to co-design projects with kaitiaki; to develop reciprocal and benefit sharing relationships with kaitiaki that build capacity and capability; and to develop a deep cultural understanding of how to be a ‘good guest and a good host’ as well as the porous boundaries between these standpoints.

History of the Wai 262 Claim

An 8 page chronological summary of the Wai 262 claim from mid 1970s to 2011 prepared by Oliver Sutherland and the late Murray Parsons in conjunction with Moana Jackson and the whānau of claimants.

Ko Aotearoa Tēnei: Report on the Wai 262 Claim

Ko Aotearoa Tēnei (‘This is Aotearoa’) is the Tribunal’s first whole-of-government report, addressing the work of more than 20 Government departments and agencies. Includes summary of the report and links to the full PDF reports.

Aroha Mead on the Mataatua Declaration – Video

Aroha Mead speaking at the 2017 United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP) conference at Te Papa, Wellington on the Mataatua Declaration on Cultural and Intellectual Property Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

Radio NZ Interview on the Wai 262 Claim

Discussing the implications of the Waitangi Tribunal report into the Wai 262 claim are Moana Jackson, Maori lawyer who drafted the original Wai 262 claim, Rob McGowan, ethno-botanist specialising in traditional Maori medicine who was a witness for the claimants, and Michael Smythe, Fellow of the Designers Institute of New Zealand, who convened its submission on the Wai 262 claim.

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